Under Development

Sophie Maree Gallery

We have been asked by gallery Sophie Maree to take care of the identity and to build the website.

The identity is based on one of the buildings by Mies van de Rohe and the piece Black in the Visual Arts by Paul Rand (he uses that building as an example)

“…The structural members of this steel building are exposed and painted black. The effect of this is manifold: the structure is clearly defined, it is placed in dramatic contrast to the pale non-bearing brick walls, the bulk of its members is reduced making them appear light and delicate, great elegance is achieved without the use of expensive materials or decoration…”

Lately we are inspired by the ‘after-image’, perhaps staring through excessive at a screen or a stretching concentration but there is something nice about an ‘after-image’. The stronger the contrast is’after-image’ becomes. Maybe this has always played a role in our love for the ‘white space.

[iframe src=”http://www.sophie-maree.com” width=”97%” height=”450″]