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– – Underlined with a Pencil
Website with excerpts from interesting books (at least to me)

Closer look

– – Transparent Island
Drawing on a condensed window



– – New website for Contour Gallery.
Large photography / Roobert/Times Now typeface / Golden Section size typography.

Closer Look

– – The typography of Surface of the Moon
“Among the sans-serif group there are many different fonts from which to select. Pulton (1965) compared the level of reading comprehension among five different fonts (three different sans-serifs and two fonts with serifs). He found a significantly higher level of comprehension while subjects were using a sans-serif font called Gill-Medium. This font was also ranked first in its level of character discrimination.”

On the typography of flight-deck documentation

– – Palindrome
‘Never Odd or Even’ or also know as ‘Zero’ is an Album of the band Aleka’s Attic in which River Phoenix was a band member.
The title ‘Never Odder or Even’ is a palindrome. The album never got released.

– – Toronto-Dominion Bank
Part of the beauty is the way Mies van de Rohe makes you concious of the space by showing the construction.

If people aksed me what my favorite animal is I always named the Leopard.

Last week I saw the documentary “Eye of the Leopard”, ignoring the dirty unctuous voiceover, I learned one and another about this animal.
It’s brilliant how those cats fly through the trees.

“The Leopard of Panar was a man-eating male leopard alleged to have killed and eaten as many as 400 people over a period of several years in the Kumaon District of Northern India in the early 20th century, after a wounding by a poacher had left it unable to hunt normal prey.

The Panar Leopard was hunted down and killed in 1910 by famed big cat hunter and author Jim Corbett“.

That’s what happens if man disturbs the natural way of things. It always will come back one way or another.

–– Denkbeelden

The word ‘denkbeelden’ (Dutch for ideas) exists of 11 characters. The beauty of this word is that the accentuation lies on the golden mean. If you split the word you can translate these parts from ‘denk’ : think and ‘beelden’ : images. The golden mean divides the word on the point where the syntheses of two parts come about. The combination of the two gives a new meaning and the golden mean shows the beauty of this all.

– – This is a mirrored print of Reality
Stamp with text

– – Let me be a Palmtree
Carved in a tree in front of a window
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague

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